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Scenario Design

First Stage

To design your site we first need your scenario to understand your project better

Partnership and Bug Fixes

Second Stage

At this point we will help you review the designed scenario and fix any possible bugs

Design and Delivery

Third Stage

At the end, Red Rose experts will design your site according to your criteria and deliver it to you within the deadline


Services Provided By The RedRose Site Design And Support Team

Our activities in the form of consulting on web site design,Support and control of domains and servers,
Design and support a variety of web pages such as shopping sites, news sites, sports sites, business sites, personal sites, academic and school sites, service sites and more  As well as launching and expanding cyberspace jobs that can be remotely controlled.


Our Abilities

The RedRose website design and support team performs the following activities

Design, Manage and Control Web Pages

We are committed to designing and managing your website from 0 to 100 so you can reach your goals

Content Generation and SEO

After designing every website, you need to produce standard and correct content To your site by search engines Index and view

Server and Domain Support

Upon completion of the project we are committed to supporting your server and site for free from 6 months to 1 year

Web Server Monitoring

You definitely want to know every moment how many people, where, with what platform and how they connect to your web pages !?


Experience the highest speed of your site with us

Highest page loading speed

We are committed
After designing the site, we will speed up your web pages


Six projects completed this year


Saraband is a sample news site

designed for one of the villages of Shazand


Babaeico is a sample site

In the field of design and decoration Launched and implemented for Mr. Babaei


Elbaan is a site

 Working in the field of mobile maintenance ,This site is set up for Elbaan Mobile Repair Company

MobileDoki  is a site  Who works in mobile repair training This site is set up for Mobile Repair Training Company 

Storestands is a site
for designing and manufacturing Shelf  and Stands  It was built for a manufacturing plant in Pakdash

Academy Elbaan
Acadedmy Elbaan

Mobile Repair Academy

Designed with Elbaan Team

Our Team

Introducing the Red Rose web design and support team

Hadi pirhadi


Justin Fischer


Masoume Gudarzi

SEO ÙˆServer Manager

Ahmad Moradi


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